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Learn the different types of business car finance

When you have an ABN and need business car finance, there’s plenty of options available to you. We’ve summarised the most common below but remember to jump on Biddly and secure better new car loan quotes today! Finance Lease (Car Lease) A Car Lease or a Finance Lease is a commercial finance product where the […]

Why dealership finance can be a costly trap

Too good to be true? It’s becoming more & more common to see advertisements of 0% or 1% finance rates for brand new cars from dealers. Whilst it looks appealing, it’s generally a clever marketing ploy to lure you in with an attractive rate while you walk out with a costly monthly repayment (remember this […]

Learn all about Biddly’s pricing options

Biddly gives each customer the ultimate choice to give them as much flexibility in their new car buying experience as needed. How do we do this? With two service and pricing options to kick start your car buying journey, these are: Pay upfront – $47.00 If you want to have all offers/quotes/bids coming at you […]

How does Biddly work?

Biddly has been setup to completely enhance and assist new car buyers with the entire purchase process in way that will save time and more importantly, your back pocket. The stats are in – In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, consumers rank the price or perceived value of the vehicle above all else (including […]

Deciding between a brand new or demonstrator?

Brand New vs Demo Car – The Shocking Facts! Many people have been there, facing the timeless dilemma – should I wait two months for the brand new model, or should I go for the bargain one with a few miles on it, that I can get within one or two days? The reality is […]

Becoming a Qualified Biddly Buyer, what’s the benefit?

Good question. When it comes to buying a new, near new or demo car there can be alot of paperwork and things to organise – and rightly so, there are also alot of ways to trip up and overpay for certain things. Biddly puts you in the driver’s seat on all aspects of your purchase […]

Top tips to secure great finance quotes

Top Tips to Follow In Order To Get Great Car Finance Quotes It is quite common to have people spend a lot of time and effort trying to find the best price for a new car, yet overlook the car finance options available. Instead of rushing through the process, it is heavily recommended that you […]

Car Loan break costs explained

Car Loan Break Costs – Why You Need to Know about Them   When it comes to cars, the duration of the contract is typically 12 months to 5 years. Specific arrangements are set in place, mentioning all the important details (total sum, term, interest, and others). Interest can be at a fixed rate (the […]

Balloon Payments and how they work

Balloon Payment/Residual Value on a Car Loan Explained and How They Work One of the primary decisions you have to make when choosing a car loan over another is whether you wish to have a residual value, or balloon payment, attached to the loan. This decision will have a direct impact on the repayment sum, […]

What’s the best time to buy your new car?

If you are interested in buying a car, you may have heard the rumours that you can squeeze a better deal at the end of the month because dealers are usually looking to meet goals during this time. Is this really correct? In general, this line of thinking is indeed correct, as these goals include […]

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