Frequently Asked Questions

About Biddly

Our one-off price ranges from as low as $19 up to $47 to create your bid contest, that's it.

We don't charge any referral fees or commissions to dealerships, ensuring you get the best price everytime.

Your details are provided to your selected suppliers and you begin communicating with them outside of the biddly system to look at finalising the deal. If it’s finance, you will normally then deal with the consultant directly to apply for the finance application and work with them up to settlement.

At the end of the entire process, you can also provide a rating and feedback on the supplier on their Biddly profile. This ensures they are kept accountable for their interactions with biddly clients

Contact Biddly


You can contact them anytime you wish however for privacy they will not be able to see your contact details or contact you outside of our Biddly system.



This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy SERIOUSLY and will take all measures to protect your personal information. 

You can view our full Privacy Policy HERE


We’ve created unique technology that quickly puts your new car requirements and finance needs infront of local, certified dealers & lenders. It’s anonymous until you select a winner and gives you the best possible way to save time & money on your next car purchase. You can have one or both of the below:

Car bidding process:

Once you complete your online form, we place your new car needs infront of certified local car dealers to compete for your business – you can then choose the best or most suitable deal for you, look at specials on offer & even discuss trade-in values.

Finance bidding process:

If you’ve also submitted car quote bids you’ll normally also get bids from the dealers finance team but we also put your needs infront of the best independent car lenders in Australia! Quickly see what the best deal is in the market for you.

Our service is only for brand new car quotes at this stage.
      Yes! our technology allows you to input a potential trade-in which dealers can discuss with you. They’ll generally be able to provide a range of your trade-in value that will be determined once you can bring it in for an inspection.

No! You can pick the winner and discuss this with them once contact details are exchanged however you aren’t locked into anything until you sign a contract with the dealership.

During the application process you select up to 4 local dealerships to bid. This will alert them to provide their best quote.
      Our finance suppliers are all around Australia and aren’t required to be local so you be receiving finance quotes form national, certified finance suppliers.

Generally 48 – 72 hours to ensure all suppliers have time to bid for your business. You can leave this longer if you wish.

You can contact them anytime you wish however for privacy they will not be able to see your contact details or contact you outside of our Biddly system unless you directly provide this to them – keeping the ball in your court, so to speak.

No problem – it’s rare, but you won’t be charged. We’ll also provide you with a small gift for your time.

We put all of our focus into ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

If you don’t receive any bids for your new car or finance cost, we’ll refund you the fee charged by us, simple!

If you do receive bids but don’t believe these were suitable or met your contest specifications please email us at and we’ll investigate your case for a refund. We want to hear your feedback & ensure we are always meeting your expectations.

As we are providing a service to you, once your small upfront payment is made we will email you with your Dashboard login details containing your username (email address) and your chosen password. You;ll then be able to login to your Bidding Dashboard to view local suppliers bids as they come through.

You’ll also be email notified as bids are received.