How it Works

Enter your new car details, name your asking price and input your finance needs & we'll blast this out to local dealerships and award-winning finance brokers.

If dealerships Accept your price - choose the most suitable based on colour availability, delivery time frame, location & bonus offers/incentives.

If no dealerships Accept your asking price - most will provide revised pricing. Choose the best offer & away you go.

It's a no lose, win-win setup!

Why use Biddly?

Your local dealership may not be able to accept your price, has already hit their sales targets for the month, they may not have your car in stock & may not provide any bonus offers - Biddly solves this problem, by sending your offer out to up to 6 local dealerships.

Biddly is designed to make new car buying & financing simple and transparent.

With NO referral fees to customers and minimal cost to dealerships plus it's competitive platform design - Biddly provides huge price discounts for new car buyers.

You'll be able to view all your quotes by selecting "Check my offers" in the top right corner, enter your email address used during sign up.


Common FAQ's:


What if no dealers accept my asking price?
Then you'll receive revised offers. The lowest offer after 72 hours will then receive your contact details to discuss finalising the purchase with you.


What if I don't know a good asking price to enter?
Tick "I'm not sure" as part of the sign up and we'll contact you to discuss a suitable price from one of our offer experts. We use our historical data along with things like Redbook to work this out with you.


What if multiple dealerships accept my asking price?
Great! Then you'll have plenty of options. Review your dashboard to also look at delivery timeframes, what colour options they may have and anything extra they are willing to throw in to then choose the best overall offer for you!

Why do we require you to enter an asking price?
This is hugely important and vital to the outcome. This makes your expectations clear from the start.


How it Works

Why Biddly Works

3 Big Reasons:

1. No Fees

We don’t charge ANY referral fees, giving you unbiased quoting & better pricing

2. Bargaining Power

Drive the best bargain with our dashboard & unique online negotiating tools

3. Ultimate Choice

We don’t dealer discriminate! We have over 3,500 new car dealerships in our system

Tom's buying a new Mazda 6 and is willing to pay
$32,000 for it (RRP is $39,190), he also needs finance

Dealership No.1

Revised offer of: $33,199

Delivery Date: Next Week

Dealership No. 2

Accepts price!

Delivery Date: This week

Dealership No. 3

Revised offer of: $32,499

Delivery Date: Two Weeks

Dealership Finance

Interest Rate: 6.88%
Repayment: $722 per month

BROKER 1 Quote

Interest Rate: 5.15%
Repayment: $657 per month

BROKER 2 Quote

Interest Rate: 4.98%
Repayment: $651 per month

Best Car Discount


Biggest Finance Saving

$ 2,015.00