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Do a little research

Visit our 'Car Advice' blog to view which cars are getting the best reviews. Get an idea of pricing and make and model. If you've already made up your mind, just select the car you wish and start your contest.

Select the your make and model

Start a new contest by selecting the make and model. You'll go through our short process to gather the information we require for the best deal. You then select between our two options for processing. See pricing for more.

Dealers compete over your contest

Once our approved dealers have battled over your contest we'll send you up to 5 of the best offers available. Compare offers by prices and dealer location. If you've selected Option we'll first preapprove your finance, hence allowing for better deals from our dealers.

Chose the best deal

Select the best offer from one of our approved dealers. We only give your contact details to your chosen dealership, so they can contact you to finalize the deal. If you’d like you can visit their showroom, or have your new car delivered to your door.

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