How it Works

Here at Biddly - We think that with the right system, buying and financing a car can be a hassle-free and straightforward process. We know the best way to get the best price and finance on your new car! Let dealerships and lenders compete for your business and show you their best offers – all in the one easy place and all 100% online.

Review & choose the best offer in your own time from the comfort of your home or office.

No hassles, no mind games and the knowledge that you're getting the best market offers!

How it Works

1. No Fees

We don’t charge ANY referral fees, giving you unbiased quoting & better pricing

2. Bargaining Power

Drive the best bargain with our dashboard & unique online negotiating tools

3. Ultimate Choice

We don’t dealer discriminate! We have over 3,500 new car dealerships in our system

Tom uses Biddly to secure the
best deals on his new Mazda 6

Dealership No.1

Discount Offered: -$7,190.00
Delivery Date: Next Week

Dealership No. 2

Discount Offered: -$6,440.00
Delivery Date: Three weeks

Dealership No. 3

Discount Offered: -$4,850.00
Delivery Date: In Stock

Dealership Finance

Interest Rate: 6.88%
Repayment: $722 per month

BROKER Loan Quote 1

Interest Rate: 5.15%
Repayment: $657 per month

BROKER Loan Quote 2

Interest Rate: 4.98%
Repayment: $651 per month

Best Car Discount


Biggest Finance Saving

$ 2,015.00