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Our customers save an average of 14% OFF retail price on their new car and thousands off their finance deal.

I just need the best deals on a new car.

  • Up to 6 Dealerships engaged
  • Receive asking price offers
  • Receive delivery timeframes
  • Receive added bonuses!


I need the best deals on a new car and finance.

  • Lenders battle for your finance pre-approval
  • Once approved, dealers battle on car price
  • FREE Delivery Sydney wide!
  • FREE Tank of fuel and car care package!


I just want the best deal on my car finance.

  • Lenders battle for your finance pre-approval
  • Perfect for new AND used car purchases
  • Guaranteed to beat Dealership finance


Why do we charge a small upfront fee?

We charge a small one-off flat fee which remunerates us and, more importantly, shows the suppliers bidding for your business that you're a serious buyer which attracts serious offers!

This gives you the best possible chance of receiving the dealer's best pricing. On average, our customers save between $450 and $770 from using us. That’s over a 1,600% return on your investment!!

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Money Back

Our Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy for any reason with the result of your car offers? If you aren’t happy then neither are we! – We provide a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the result. We just ask that you complete a small questionnaire to let us know why so we can be constantly improving our service to you

What We Do

We charge you a small flat fee instead of a much larger referral fee (like car brokers and fleet companies).

We sign-up & verify new suppliers each day, making the system more competitive for your business

We allow suppliers to advertise their special, limited time offers to you for free (to you).

We give your contact details to the salesperson who accepts your asking price - making it quicker and easier to sort your new purchase!

What We Don’t Do

We don't charge the dealer/supplier ANY commission or referral fees for your business.

We don't have any bias for certain dealerships or any arrangements to sway your car offer results