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  • The cheapest way into a new BMW 3 Series.
  • Elegant interior.
  • Frugal, flexible drivetrain of 1.5 triple and eight-speed auto works well in town.


  • Small infotainment screen.
  • Auto braking only a partial system.
  • Engine's gruff note sounds incongruous in this application.


Performance-wise, Bill from Cars Guide has this to say about the 2016 BMW 318i, “This 318i carries the DNA of its ancestors. It does the job but at the price you're seriously short changed in features and performance.” Toby from, said “The return of the 318i badge doesn't bring the same segment-defining aura and authority of its forebears a decade or more earlier. Ultimately the three-cylinder engine limits its usefulness on country roads and for those who want to better explore the dynamic ability of the rest of the vehicle.”


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