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  • Multiple driving and steering modes.
  • Outstanding looks - a perfect tribute to the original.
  • Responsive engine with little turbo lag.


  • Roof can't open/close when car is in motion.
  • Large turning circle, difficult to see over large bonnet on hills.
  • No V8 exhaust rumble.


Richard of Carsguide talks about his experience with this Mustang not having V8, “But a traditional muscle car should have a V8. If it was my hard earned, I'd settle for nothing less than eight cylinders – this is a dramatic bad-ass car and it needs to have the menacing soundtrack to match. There was an embarrassing moment where a new Dodge Challenger pulled up next to me at the lights, its V8 snarling, and I let him move away first because I didn't want them to hear the sound of my sewing machine under the bonnet.” Andrew of Drive also said “I'm not as convinced as you on the whole four-cylinder muscle car thing. As good as the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine is – with a decent spread of power and low-down torque delivery – it doesn't fit the character of the car for me. It's all a bit whooshy in the way it sounds, rather than a grumbling V8, and it got to the point where I didn't want to step on the gas and let anyone know I was driving a (shhhh!) four-pot Mustang. Part of that is because everyone is looking at you anyway. I imagine you had plenty of people turning their heads too?” However, Tegan of Car Advice said, it's all about the looks “The Mustang is all about the look and its presence on the road that you might be convinced that it almost doesn’t matter what’s under the bonnet.” What do you think?


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