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    Strong and free-revving atmo V8 engine.
  • Value-for-money hard to top.
  • Depth of design.


    Long waiting list.
  • Thirsty.
  • Interior trim not on par with Euro Fords.


It looks like that Ford Mustang is really a red-hot deal having its waiting list reached to 2017. “It really does look a million dollars, especially in gun-metal grey with black 19-inch wheels. The rear lights (without sequential indicators, unfortunately) surrounded by embossed black, are particularly menacing. As is the GT branding, since there’s not a single Ford badge on the car’s body. The Pony projector lights that splash onto the pavement at night from projectors under the rear-view mirror are pure drama.” said Mike of Car Advice. Cameron of Drive said “The GT's safety-tech shortcomings, the V8's thirst for fuel and the cheap, chintzy cabin atmosphere mean it's no model of sophistication or restraint in 2016. Nor do its underbonnet or on-road credentials reset current muscle-car benchmarks.
But none of that really matters in the wider scheme of things. The Mustang looks good, sounds good, goes hard and is fun to drive, and backs up its robust emotional appeal with red-hot value and no-hassle ownership. Those who've shelled out for one, or are waiting to, aren't just buying into an automotive legend, they're getting a great modern muscle car as well.”


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