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  • Incredible safety features as standard
  • Improved infotainment system
  • Comfy and pleasant to drive


  • Added safety kit equals higher price tag
  • The engine could use more refinement
  • Cargo space is not so optimal in this spec


The midsize pick-up segment has always been rather competitive, without a shadow of a doubt. But Ford is one of those manufacturers that always seem to find a place on the podium.


With the 2017 Ranger Wildtrak, they’ve upgraded the flagship Ford Ranger with a lot of goodies. If you decide to spend your buck for this giant, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it comes with extra standard equipment – namely the improved connectivity and more safety features.



Speaking of which, the Wildtrak is a safe vehicle. No, it’s actually a very safe thing to be in! Don’t believe me? Well, check the official score ANCAP Safety gave to the Ranger. Yep, a full five-star rating, which basically means that you’ll be driving around in a mobile stronghold.



Alright, this is not a cheap car by any means. But taking into account that we’re talking about the Ranger flagship here, it kind of starts to make sense. Flagships are the top specced and most well-dressed specification for a given model. Now, starting at $59,590 for the manual transmission and climbing up to $61,790 for the six-speed auto, things don’t look so bad, do they?



Wouldn’t lie to you, this is where the Ranger Wildtrak excels, hands down. This ute has the best amount of safety elements available, and it definitely blows the competition out of the water here.


You get things like lane departure warning, a steering assistance function, a pre-collision warning system (albeit without autonomous breaking) and adaptive cruise control as standard.


Practicality is another key feature for the Wildrtak. The trey has lots of neat aspects, such as a 12-volt outlet, four internal hooks to tie your load to, a lockable roll-top cargo cover and tub-liner to protect the beautiful paint.


Pros and cons

Ah, it wouldn’t be a Biddly review without listing the pros and cons, right? Brace yourselves then! The pros:


  • Incredible safety features as standard
  • Improved infotainment system
  • Comfy and pleasant to drive


Time to take a look at the ugly side of the Ranger Wildtrak:

  • The awesome standard safety kit means a bigger price tag
  • The engine could use more refinement
  • Cargo space is not so optimal in this spec


Conclusive thoughts

So, to sum it up – the Ford Ranger flagship meets the expectations. A flagship is supposed to be full of gadgets (check), safe and secure (check), comfortable (check) and reasonably priced (semi-check).


Yes, Toyota’s HiLux SR5 serves as the flagship of the HiLux family and is cheaper. But if you’re concerned with safety and if that’s your number one priority – look no further.


No wonder that the Ford Ranger topped the sales charts for September 2017 (Toyota HiLux came second). Even if the total market was shrinking, Ford’s ute managed to grab the top-seller gold medal for that month.


The Wildtrak simply aims to add to that success and we have nothing against that. Toyota, take notes!


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