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  • Very practical
  • Awesome ride comfort when in ‘comfort’ mode
  • Refined and enthusiastic turbocharged petrol engine


  • Lack of manual gearbox in the 3-door version
  • Driver aids are optional
  • Only one USB port at the front


It’s been more than 40 years (43 to be precise) since the German automaker from Wolfsburg started manufacturing the Golf. And in 1976 the first Golf GTi was born, in fact it’s safe to say that a legend was born.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have the modern VW Golf GTi. Without revealing any spoilers, I’ll just mention that it does have its flaws, like any other car really.

In today’s Biddly review we’ll have a look at arguably the most essential car for Volkswagen, the Golf, in its GTi guise. Exciting, indeed. First, let’s have a look at just how safe this hatch is.



The Golf might be a small car, but does automatically put in the “unsafe” category? No by any stretch of the imagination.

With seven airbags, autonomous emergency braking (city and interurban), a manual speed limiter and secondary collision avoidance all included as standard, this hatchback is as safe as contemporary cars get.

Maybe that’s why it also scores a 5/5 rating according to ANCAP Safety.



There’s not much to choose from here – it’s either a manual or an automatic gearbox. Hardcore GTi fans can get the 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine with the six-speed manual for $41,340.

While more laidback buyers can enjoy the same engine, but mated to an auto gearbox for $43,840.



This car screams performance and that’s almost everything it cares about. And yes, that “almost” was put intentionally – this is not a caveman vehicle with only a steering wheel, a gearshift and pedals fitted as standard.

Here, take a look at what the Golf GTi has to offer as standard:

  • 8.0-inch touchscreen
  • Sat Nav
  • Eight-speaker sound system
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Keyless entry and start button (except on the 3-door variant)
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Bluetooth (phone and audio streaming)
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Driver fatigue detection system
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Rear-view camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 18-inch alloys

Quite the list, eh? Especially since this is a more performance-driven machine, but as you can clearly see it can suit your everyday driving needs perfectly

However, if you feel like spending, then you can opt for the “Driver Assistance Package” and that costs $1800. It adds blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, LED headlights with auto high beams and a semi-automated parking assist.

And if you feel like spending even more, VW have thought of that as well. It’s logically named the “Luxury Package”, it costs the luxurious $3900 and it adds Vienna leather-trimmed seats, heated front seats (electric adjustment, electric lumbar adjust and memory settings for the driver seat, including memory settings for the side mirrors) and a panoramic sunroof.


Pros and cons

Alright guys, buckle up. You’re officially entering the Biddly pros and cons. We’re kicking off with what we like about the Golf GTi:

  • Very practical
  • Awesome ride comfort when in ‘comfort’ mode
  • Refined and enthusiastic turbocharged petrol engine

And what don’t quite like about it:

  • Lack of manual gearbox in the 3-door version
  • Driver aids are optional
  • Only one USB port at the front



All in all, the current VW Golf GTi is a formidable all-rounder. Not only will you have blazing speed at your disposal when you need it, but this Golf can also serve as your everyday car.

And I’m sure that die-hard fans will argue that not offering a manual gearbox for the 3-door variant is a travesty, but VW’s marketing team disagrees.

So, can we conclude that this small hatch can be used for both having fun while also being reasonable and practical? Yep, we can.


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