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  • High-quality interior.
  • Excellent fuel economy.


  • Road noise was noticeable.
  • Rear seat is quite small.


“For the same money, these buyers could opt for a higher specced larger car from a mainstream brand – Mazda 6, Ford Falcon, Holden Commodore for example – or option-up a cheaper, smaller car. However the A3 sedan is a carrot dangling in the faces of many in this position; a premium badged sedan for around $40,000… suddenly you could find yourself wondering if you really need all that extra space, or the hassle of parking a larger, more mainstream car… Regardless of how you’d choose to option your car, at its heart the A3 sedan is a great drive, it’s comfortable, it feels premium and if you’re loathe to drive a hatch and want a small premium car, it’s a thoroughly sensible option.” says Tegan Lawson of Car Advice.


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