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2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e Plug-in Hybrid Review
  • Extremely quiet performance.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • No price premium over diesel model.


2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e Plug-in Hybrid Review
  • Only adequate engine performance.
  • Recharging every night could become a challenge.


Will X5 xDrive40e suit you? Find out on the reviews below.
“As a hybrid, the X5 doesn’t quite hit its target. I’m currently without the means of recharging the BMW at home, and its range in MAX eDrive (full electric mode) might get me from work to home without the petrol engine starting. The operative word there is ‘might’. And there’ll certainly be no charge remaining the following day for the trip to work.” “Most of the issues with the BMW are conceptual rather than concrete – as is the case too for the other plug-in SUVs mentioned in the preceding paragraph. On balance though, the plug-in X5 argues a strong case” these are some of Ken Gratton from Motoring's review. Sam of says “How efficient is the X5? It's purely academic, based on how religiously owners choose to recharge and how long their commute is. How easy is it to live with? Extraordinarily, though the starting price alone means a diesel alternative will be a more rationale option for many Aussie buyers. Even so, the hybrid makes a compelling case for the right sort of buyer – the question now is whether the local market is truly ready to embrace the technology.” Kez Casey of The Motor Report review:”Certainly, for city-bound drivers seeking genuine family space and premium luxury, but hoping to minimise their carbon footprint, the X5 xDrive40e seems like a viable option.” Green is good, but is it for you?


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